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    Default Trophies 2021

    Trophies are free to fish for and are sponsored kindly by Bispham Angling.These finish on Jan 31st 2022.
    The cod pool is an optional competition and is 5 per member to enter and finishes on Sat 6th March 2021.
    Usual rules of only launching from the club,weighed on club scales and witnesses by another member.
    Bass pool TBC

    Cod Trophy
    Current Winner - Gaz Ayres 2lb 12oz (10/02/21)

    Bass Trophy
    Current Winner -

    Skate Trophy
    Current Winner -

    Flatfish Trophy
    Current Winner -

    Cod Pool 2020 (235)
    Current winner - Mark Yule 9lb 2oz (12th Jan)
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