With the committees approval I am now posting an idea to the group for booking out.

If this App suites a majority it will be a proposal for the AGM and I welcome your feedback.

We would like your thoughts before anything is put into place. So please remember this is a trial only and not a real booking out method so please continue to book out the day before launching by the only method approved in the constitution {Clubs Forum}

My thoughts:

Forum is outdated and some members find logging in difficult or can't.

Not everyone is on Facebook and posts get moved each time there is another post. {Moving Platform}

Moving platform.
Can easily be diluted as a chat forum and picture posts.

With the aid of Google we can all book out to a calendar with a 5 day window to view.

To enter your estimated launch time (adjust if required) the FROM: __. __ time and leave the To: __. __ time unaltered. This is not your return to shore time but only your estimated launching time.

Then you will be requested to fill in the following 3 commands only.

1. In the title put your boat name.
2. Mobile number
3. Number of persons aboard. This area can also be used for your estimated return time.
Then Save

This can be edited at any time and deleted at any time by you.

No need to log in anywhere just click a link to view and enter your booking.

By posting you are informing all the members {who has access to Google} the opportunity to view in advance if anyone is planning to launch thus enabling single member launching as they can contact the club member via their mobile number posted.

For those very few {if any} not on the Internet can call another member to book out for them.

The app can be downloaded to your mobile, computer or laptop, desktop and it really is as easy as 3 presses of a finger to book out. {not including filling the fields}

By having a calendar displaying a 5 day window is a platform I think is quick and very easy to do and can be viewed and booked by members ahead of any high pressure approaching.

Please try this by PRETENDING to book out and delete if you wish. But always use https://www.wyreboatac.co.uk/ for the foreseeable future.

Please give it a few goes and as like anything it takes a little practice but thereafter is easy peasy

The calendar is free and is already used by many groups around the UK and I think this could hopefully and finally enable all to book out freely and easily to a single platform accessible by all.

Please give it a try and your feedback is welcome.

I am aware bookings could be removed by another member but cannot see why this would happen in our club.

Please follow the link and give it a try.


Kind Regards